Day 5 – Dream Hotel.

355 West 16th.

Oh, boy oh boy I’m glad I found this place. There’s cool and funky and edgy and then there’s the Dream Hotel, Chelsea. Being a Sunday, I wasn’t planning on working today, but Ryan had a birthday party at Chelsea Piers so I found myself with 2 spare hours.
This is one cooool hotel. An American flag made of beer cans covering one wall (tastefully done). An array of bespoke leather lounges included a gold one (which I chose for myself). AND A SWIMMING POOL FOR THE ROOF!!

Those of you who know me well, know about the Pool Quest (see here: so can well imagine my jaw-dropping delight when 20 minutes into Roger Spoffin’s latest fabulous adventures, I lean back, take a long, cool swig from my Corona Light (no, I don’t understand what I was thinking either) to see PEOPLE SWIMMING ABOVE ME!! Lost 5 minutes productivity as I gawked up at them. One can just imagine the architects meeting with the owners and revealing, yes, of course, we’ll put the pool above the lobby with a glass ceiling.

Poke around and you’ll find a gallery with some very cool photos of rock stars. Plus flowers growing in the garden in colours I didn’t know existed. Plus grooviness everywhere. I’ll be back with the gorgeous Lynne big time to this place for a hot date one night soon.

I’ll catch you by the pool.

Today’s word count: 1037

Total word count: 15,217…/new-york/dream…/hotel-overview…

  • The pool at the Dream Hotel

  • The pool from beneath i.e. the bar

  • WIP at the Dream (except for the Corona Light – nothing dream-like about that)

  • The lobby – note US flag made of beer cans, pool above and gold leather seats

  • Blondie greets you on the way to the gents

  • One of the gorgeous tiny gardens that dot this hotel