This harsh, smile-less individual saved my life.

Though it has to be said, he and his squadron of griffins caused me to nearly lose it in the first place.

Captain Felix Cambyses is descended from the Persian King Cambyses, famous for taking the Egyptian city of Pelusium in 525BC by having his men gather up all the cats they could find and catapult them over at the Egyptians. Once they saw their beloved sacred felines falling from the sky, the Egyptians rushed out to save them and lost their own lives in the process. Cambyses – sneaky chap – took the city.

Whether he knows it or not, it seems appropriate that over two thousand years later, Felix Cambyses commands a squadron of flying cats.


Cambyses at Pelusium

‘Cambyses at Pelusium’  by Paul Marie Lenoir (1873)

Here’s your chance to design, in complete safety, your own terrible flying lizard from Hell.

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