“It is wonderful. It is so vivid.”
Verity, aged 10

‘This book is absolutely brilliant. The best way I can describe it is a cross between Harry Potter and the Lightning Thief. I know heaps of my friends will want to read this.’
Harry, aged 11

“Roger Spoffin is an absolutely brilliant book full of adventure, excitement and mystery. 10/10.”
Lachlan, aged 11

“This book is very good. One of the best that I’ve ever read. Doff’s character is extremely good. I love the accent and he almost always acts the way I would have.
(I like that) Sinsamene has a pet leopard because Sinsamene was like a leopard himself.”
Josephine, 10 years

“Roger is a great hero. He seems friendly enough and his mind is always working.”
Luke, 14 years

“I could not put it down. It is very funny. You are a very funny man.
Many people have suggested I read
 Harry Potter but I haven’t gotten around to it.
But if Harry Potter is like Roger Spoffin, I want to read it!”

“If you, like me, love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, you will love this book and find yourself compelled to read it in one sitting. The world of Roger Spoffin, is a perfect combination of chaos, humour, adventure and action that at times I could both envy and relate to. Roger Spoffin takes you along with him on his courageous and interesting adventure. So well written that you will feel Roger’s embarrassment, his spurts of courage, and you will feel his worries as if you are fighting his fights, living his life. I would happily recommend this book to my friends and I am sure they would enjoy this as much as I did. Roger Spoffin takes the reader on an amazing journey. All readers will retrace each other’s steps, unknowingly following each other as they are thrilled and enthralled by the clever and entertaining book and character that Roger Spoffin is. I feel the next Harry Potter is lurking in this book. I can’t wait for the next instalment in this series.”
Emily, aged 13

“Reading Roger Spoffin and the Ark of Sinsamene was exciting and made me very happy! It is one of the best books I have read being a different fantasy book to others I have enjoyed. Like Harry Potter it was really hard to put down but unlike Harry Potter it had some different and amazing magical creatures I loved to read about. I kept getting in trouble for reading it when I was supposed to be asleep or getting ready for school! I am glad I am not one of the characters in the book because they got into some terrifying situations.
I think this book would make a very cool movie because it is always exciting and never boring…the book kept me on the edge of my seat. I would thoroughly recommend it to any young kid who loves books that are always exciting and action packed; full of adventure. I really liked the fact it was a fantasy book but set on earth in the early 1900’s.”
Luke, aged 9

From my 12 year old son: “When I first started “Roger Spoffin” I was a little curious to see if this would turn out like another book like the Percy Jackson Series or the Kane Chronicles but I soon realized that this book was much different than either of those two series. The time period is totally different and even more fascinating and the plot has many more twists and turns. It is a time period when culture was much different than it is now. It provides detailed characters who you can relate to you or to your friends, a detailed back story and setting and an interesting read for anyone young or old. It also contains real life characters that were significant to that time period and to this one. It really struck me how much detail and information went into this story and how precise the writing is. I loved this book and am much awaiting a sequel to this incredibly fun story and plot.”
My son Harry liked it so much that I had to read it too, and am totally into the book and can’t wait to find out what happens next! Quite the page turner.
Harry’s (aged 12) Mom

“WARNING: This adventure is very hard to put down! Our kids (10 and 8, one of each) were begging us to read on. (Their parents kept wanting to sneak in a read ourselves!) It’s a wonderfully expansive adventure that pulls you in from the start. We read the whole thing out loud in a couple of day-long car rides (and a few evening reads) and the action was non-stop. We fell in love with Roger, Doff, Marty, Anna and Mr. Spigglesworth among the many other characters. Kenton Webb had us wrapped up in this first World War-era adventure from the first few pages.
Our kids have read through the entire Harry Potter, Narnia, and Percy Jackson series, and I would easily rank “Roger Spoffin” alongside these epic works. Richly textured characters, lavishly detailed settings, vivid action, despicable villains, and winsome loyalty kept us riveted to each chapter. I really hope Kenton Webb keeps the adventures of Roger Spoffin coming – we will definitely be buying them when they come out.”
Matthew J O Scott

“Roger is that awesome character that always saves the day. But with Roger there is that little bit of an oomph that turns him into some one even more extraordinary than your everyday hero.
This story is stunning. It’s plot is intriguing and as it progressed I wanted to read more and more of it more often. That breed of story is hard to find. I honestly have not found many stories like this lately.
Roger with his quippy and interesting friends are unbeatable even against mysterious and frightening characters like Sinsamene. As soon as I put this book down I was wondering: what other adventures will Roger have?”
Sam Rose, aged 10

“I am already in love Roger Spoffin and his gang of hilarious friends.
This book moves quickly, has an engaging story with tons of new twists those themes you think you know, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. For me though, the best part was how such funny moments could pop up when least expected. Who doesn’t love a book that has you laughing out loud in nearly every chapter?”
H Fewkes

 “I will definitely be reading this book two or three times, at least. Every chapter finished with me wanting to start the next straight away. I just loved how the book mixed some history with fantasy, humour, and a thrilling adventure.
My favourite character, Anna, is a strong, feisty, stubborn tomboy; a “my way or no way” kind of girl. She is also brave and yet has a soft side as she is really nice to her friends and often made me laugh. I loved reading about Anna because she took me on a journey doing different things to what I am used to; like flying a plane!
First there was Harry Potter, then there was Percy Jackson…and now there’s Roger Spoffin who takes over as the new fantasy child hero.”
Erin, aged 11

“One amazingly action-packed moment after another, Roger Spoffin and the Ark of Sinsamene flies, rides, sails and gallops along bringing suspense and drama to a world that entertains the mind and senses. Finishing the book brought both delight and impatience as I eagerly anticipate the next installment!
As a parent, I am both charmed and encouraged by Roger Spoffin and his friends. Their bravery, loyalty and cleverness inspire a love and following worthy of their character. Their mystical, action-filled world still allows daring adventure but also for real and sometimes painful consequences for rule breaking. The characters are relatable, witty and humorous in deed and word (without being too saucy or inappropriate). Also, a strong female heroine is uncovered that is cunning and skilled, brave and inquisitive. I am excited for when my daughter is old enough to read RS&tAoS; to see her cheer for her heroes (and heroine!), be enthralled by the mystery of their age and time, salivate in suspense, chuckle at their humor (and occasional foolishness), and beg for just one more chapter at the end of each and every chapter. Three cheers for Roger Spoffin and his friends!”

“Roger Spoffin and the Ark of Sinsamene really is a fantastic read for anyone who loves fantasy, adventure and a boy with a knack for mischief. Genuinely laughed out loud countless times reading this to my nephew. It didn’t take long for us to both fall in love with Roger and all his awkward heroics. Harry Potter – you have competition!”

“This is one of those books that, once you’ve started it, it’s impossible to put back down. The characters are hilarious and will have you clutching your stomach in pain.
I am 14 years old and a book worm and would have to say this is one of the best books I’ve read. It’s interesting, funny and creative and is comparable to other awesome books such as the Leviathan Series by Scott Westerfeld.”
Daniel, aged 14

“Not since Harry Potter have I imagined myself as the unflagging side-kick of a novel character. Roger has it all, quick wit, stubborn yet likeable ways, and a natural habit of falling into adventures never before dreamt possible. Fantastical creatures, a fearless young schoolboy and an alternate 20th century wartime history, make for an exciting page turner. I loved it.”
E. Jayne

“Captivating from start to finish. A great read for Tweens, teens and adults alike. A great debut.”

“Fantastic, fast-moving high adventure! I found this book enthralling, a real page turner. Its beautiful writing, skilfully woven plot, rich imagery, intriguing historical themes and humour add up to an in grossing read which appeals to all ages, from older children to adults”
Beth – a retired teacher

“Cricket meets young Indiana Jones, with echoes of Herge, Rowling, Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson) and John Flanagan (Ranger’s Apprentice). Teenage boys will love this book, with its fast-paced heroic good versus evil action, replete with knights, dragons, griffins and flymphs, all set in the political cauldron that was pre-World War 1 Europe. Some delightfully witty and unashamedly British dialogue. And as a librarian, I love the fact that libraries feature extensively at critical points in the narrative. I couldn’t put the book down, as the cleverly crafted dramatic tension and the action-packed mystery of Roger’s destiny held me captive until the very last page of Webb’s debut novel. It’s a refreshingly delightful book that will prove a popular addition to the teen fiction section in any public library.”
Pat – a librarian

‘Roger Spoffin and the Ark of Sinsamene’ is a fast paced, action packed adventure. There’s a climax in every chapter with each stage of the adventure being more fantastic than the last. It has a descriptive writing style which assumes the reader loves words with a flourish, but it avoids being flowery or hard to understand.
Roger has fierce loyalty to his friends and is not afraid to put himself (and others) in danger for the sake of following through on his convictions. He’s an unassuming hero – he thinks he’s ordinary, or less than ordinary – but his humility gives him a daring courage to take on the impossible.
A fantastic junior fiction that keeps you turning the pages to find out what happens next.”

“I bought Roger Spoffin and the Ark of Sensamene for my 10 year old daughter, a die-hard Percy Jackson fan. Roger’s adventure, however, takes place in 1900’s London, so is pretty modern by comparison, but historical enough to warrant a good quest. Roger’s tale has all the hallmarks of great middle school adventure fiction: gargoyles, knights, beautiful fire-fly-like sprites and, of course an awesome ark just ripe for an epic battle between good and evil.
Roger Spoffin is an English schoolboy whose primary goal is to survive his next rugby match. He’s certainly not out looking for adventure when he finds a mysterious sword in his history teacher’s office. Nor when gargoyles start dropping off the school’s facade. But those gargoyles appear to be multiplying. One dramatic rescue on a flame-throwing motorbike later, and Roger and his two best friends find themselves creeping through a tunnel in the Navel Academy in Greenwich, spying on a mysterious gathering of knights – and that’s just the first few chapters!
Roger and his friends are off to save the world, whether they like it or not. And, whether the knights like it or not, they need the trio’s help to destroy Sensamene’s ark before it’s too late. Like young Harry Potter, another of my daughter’s favorite characters, Roger never set out to become a knight. His quest draws him into a world he never imagined could co-exist with his own, which revolved around surviving history tests and rugby matches. Through a series of near misses he learns a bit about himself, discovers new strengths and starts wondering, maybe even hoping, that perhaps he has the makings of a knight after all.
Fast-paced and with plenty of action packed scenes that leave every chapter hanging on a climax, the “one more chapter before lights-out”, is going to be a tough call in our house!”

“Had to read it in a day!
Amazing story! The way the plot unfolds makes compelling reading, even for the parents! Witty and colourful characters makes for fun interpretation of events as the plot thickens after a most interesting game of cricket rugby!”

Check out this fabulous Lego Armoured Rolls Royce.
Built by Lachlan Cook, aged 9!

Note the gun on the top, the extravagant hood ornament, and the red Commander Knight cross.

I think Lachlan’s got a future career as a Lego designer. Roll-over to see the mean machine from another angle.