Something else to mention – and which I’m sure you’ve already noticed and your eyes will be weeping, I’m sure – is the kilt. The proud MacDroughal clan came up with this hideous blend of tartan and paisley – they call it ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ – sometime in their murky past. Paisley and tartan were never meant to breed, but I’ve learnt the hard way not to try to educate Doff on this particular point.

In any case, I can ignore the kilt for I have no truer friend than Doffington. He has run after me more times than I can remember and saved me from myself again and again without complaint. At least, not much complaint. Or, I should say, not much complaint at the time. Frankly, Doff’s good at letting you know when he’s rescued you. That’s certainly one of his strengths.


Roger - thumbnail

Roger Spoffin
“In my quieter moments, I can’t help wondering why the madness keeps thickening around me.”

Marty - thumbnail

Martin Marlborough
“The game of rugby is like any other activity – the outcome is determined by logic, forethought and sensible planning.”

School crest - thumbnail

“Any school – even an English one – that puts a rugby ball on its crest is alright by me” – D. MacD.

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The MacDroughal tartan
Oh, the horror. And to think he wears it with pride.