The Knight’s Command was set up in the early-1200’s to accompany European armies and merchants as they advanced beyond Europe’s borders with the mission to ‘collect any cultural artefacts worthy of study’. This deliberately obscure and broad-scoped aim was essentially a smoke-screen to cover operations to capture and return to Europe all methods of war discovered.

At the time, there was a sincere belief among many of the monarchs of Europe that in the ancient and mystical lands of the Near East and North Africa there existed,

  1. Technology not yet seen in Europe that could be usefully adapted for weaponry
  2. The possibility of magical energy and forces (the account of the Egyptian sorcerers in Exodus 7:11-12 weighed heavily on the discussions of the time), and,
  3. Yet-to-be discovered animals that, like the elephant, could be effectively utilized for warfare.

By June 1914, the Commander Knights are still spread throughout Europe and are present in every police force, fire brigade, army, hospital and many more institutions besides (even the clergy, if you can believe it!). However, many years of peace have made most of their number lackadaisical and no longer sufficiently vigilant for their 600 year-old enemy, the Venger Knights.

Naturally enough, I knew none of this the night the gargoyles decided to interrupt my dessert at the school’s annual ‘Praise Rugby Dinner’ by attempting to drop on top of me. That was how I became mixed up in this little age-old war.


Mr Dalton Spigglesworth

Churchill - thumbnailWinston Churchill
Commander Knight in charge of catering.

Kitchener - thumbnailHoratio Herbert Kitchener
The first time I saw him, he had black fire in his eyes – RS

Rolls - thumbnailArmoured Rolls Royce
One of these chasing you would be bad enough. Three? Well, I’ll blame Marty for that – RS

Ark ablaze - thumbnail Battle for the Ark
600 years of warfare end in an afternoon. Supposedly…