A dragon in full flight is not going to hang around so an artist, keen to catch its likeness, can set up his easel. From my point of view, what’s missing here is the sheer terror I felt when I looked up from the Ark and, instead of a pleasant flock of seagulls caught bobbing on the wind, saw a dozen of these beasts whipping the wind into a fury.

Nothing will convey the speed and might of a dragon at war. So fast do they fly, their pilots are held in place with chains with links as big as your fist and suits that are bolted to the saddle. They flash with electricity too – great lightning arcs across their bodies and leaves a white trail smearing the sky behind them. Their shriek ain’t pleasant either.

All in all, not the ideal pet to bring home for a young child.

Here, I’ve shown you one without its battle armour, just so you can see its dreadful, natural form. On the Ark, they were covered in metal plates an inch thick.


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