Day 36 – Hotel Locarno, Rome.
Somewhere near Piazza Popolo (I’m sure I’ll never find it again).

Sorry for this. Rome deserves so much better, but I’m busy (the Orient calls). This will be a short post.

Rome is: vibrant; spectacular; ancient ancient ancient; yet also calm and beautiful. I caught a cab north early one morning through the Borghese gardens (to visit a pool, naturally) and they were beautiful. Like passing through a Renaissance pastoral painting.

Rome has: beautiful shops; macchiatos for $1; fantastic gelato everywhere; spruikers selling selfie-sticks everywhere; tons and tons of museums; people who love kids (more than I do, at times).

The hotel I chose is apparently a haunt of writers and film makers. I sat in the outdoor covered garden and when I left, at only 11pm, I was the last but one guest. And it was Saturday night. Maybe the Romans kick on elsewhere.

Rome comes highly recommended – for the Vatican Museums alone. And the ice cream. And the macchiatos.

Today’s word count: 700
Word count to date: 81,900

  • My office for the night – part of the night, that is.

  • E tu, author?

  • The lobby with elegant elevator.

  • The beer garden (aka my office) is behind those gates.

  • The bar.

  • At the fountain in the Piazza Polomo at midnight.