Day 25 – The Lexington

511 Lexington Avenue

‘Fly me to the Moon’

It was raining in New York, really raining hard, when I headed from the Rockefeller Center across 5th, Madison and Park, past the Waldorf-Astoria, to the Lexington (on Lexington Avenue, of course, though the folks round here call it ‘Lex’). There’s something about navigating the city in the rain, giving the doorman a nod as you fumble with your umbrella on your way to the lobby of a big New York Art Deco hotel then hearing Frankie (who’s pad was nearby) singing one of his classics. It don’t get cosier than that.

A lot of business gets done at the Lexington. You can just feel it. Highest concentration of iBooks I’ve ever seen outside of an Upper West Side Starbucks. Coffee cups everywhere (take-away believe it or not, as the hotel has no service in the lobby) and heaps of guys and gals in suits interviewing, selling, reading the NYTimes.
But in one corner of the room, Roger Spoffin’s latest exhilarating adventures in the sands of Persia (I daren’t give away too much) took shape. Three hours later, just as I was winding up, Frankie’s smooth voice came back on.

Fly me to the moon? Nah, I’ll take New York.

Today’s word count: 2958

Word count to date: 63,543

  • The Lexington on Lexington

  • My pano hasn’t done the crowd in the lobby any favours

  • Autumn rains outside. Old Blue Eyes playing in the lobby. Perfect

  • Unfortunately, there’s no service in the lobby so I had to drag this in with me

  • Art at the Lexington

  • Relief in the cafe (where I found coffee)

  • In the gents