Day 2 – Hotel Carlyle

Cnr Madison & 76th Street.

Comfortable in the Upper East Side, this place is oozing cash. I won’t relate what I overheard at some of the tables near me because if I’m visiting these joints, I’m up to playing the discretion game. And it’s always been thus at the Carlyle. Kennedy kept a suite here for his mistresses – Marilyn Monroe included. There’s even a photo of him in the lobby.

Got to say, it is a gorgeous place. Small and intimate and dark and pokey (had to turn the screen brightness on the iPad waaaaay down) and with 400 staff for 185 rooms, service is, well let’s just say it ain’t the Ashfield Motor Inn. (Don’t expect such class tomorrow. I’m heading for a dive.) Clearly I was enjoying myself as I hung around for over 5 hours and as it was yesterday at the Algonquin, no one bothered me. Except to replenish my coffee.

Today’s word count: 3337

Total word count to date: 7341.

  • This was my office for the day 🙂

  • Rising high above the Upper East Side

  • JFK exiting the Carlyle

  • Looking through to the Gallery

  • WIP in the Carlyle’s Gallery

  • My photos – warm and evocative as they are – fail to capture the splendour of this place

  • Day 2 – I could get used to this