Day 11: The Plaza
Fifth Avenue at Central Park South

Even the address speaks volumes. There’s nothing else like this place, looking North across to the park and East to the Pulitzer fountain and beyond to Fifth Ave, a glorious Chateau-like structure soaring 20 stories high. From Eloise to Crocodile Dundee to the very, very nasty Christopher Walken pic, ‘King of New York’, you’ve seen the Plaza already a dozen times before setting foot in NYC.
Why the Australian flag out the front? Well, our Tony was in town and he chose the Plaza. He’d left early that morning, my good waiter told me (who’d also served another Australian PM, ‘the woman’. Ah, yes. I remember her.)
There are too many beautiful rooms to show here, but if you’re in town, allow an hour or two to explore this place. It has its own food court that is unlike anything else I’ve seen – including cakes that made this old Delington King stop and stare, mouth open.
So far on this quest, for the big old hotels, there are only two names that matter – Waldorf-Astoria and the Plaza and I choose the Plaza. What’s more, I finished Act 1 of the book here. 3 Acts to go.
Word count: 2377. Word count to date: 30,522

P.S. Watch their site to see how beautiful this place is.

  • This was my office. Ahem

  • The iconic Plaza from Pulitzer Square

  • Our PM was in town. He’s got good taste

  • WIP with Pulitzer Place beyond the thick curtains

  • The Oatmeal. Ranks marginally higher that the Waldorf Astoria

  • The Author – ensconced in the Plaza – looking down his nose at you

  • Another view from my place of work. Mid-morning

  • The famous palm court

  • Downstairs is a fabulous food court (but that name really doesn’t do it justice) and the Eloise store

  • A very young Mr Hemingway