Hello. I’m Roger. Thanks for popping in.

June 12, 1914. The storm clouds of blustering and sabre-rattling are sounding ever-louder from across the Continent. Germany has built a navy to rival England’s and an army to rival France’s. But hidden from all but a few, another war, 600 years old, is about to reach its final chapter.

Well, frankly, I couldn’t care a jot.

At least, not until a gargoyle nearly kills me during school’s End of Year dinner and then, in a night of horror after horror, I discover it was no accident. Someone, somewhere on an ancient Ark, wants me dead.
All of a sudden, failing history for the third year in a row, doesn’t seem so bad.

As I get sucked into a swirling, ancient war – dragging nearly everyone within arm’s reach with me – my ideas of loyalty, bravery and friendship are tested in ways I never could have imagined.

It’s a rollicking, terrifying ride. Explore these pages and discover it for yourself.

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